Goodbye, kintanti

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It has been a fun ride.
So long and thanks for all the fish!


Migrating the site and surgery

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Yes, finally, I’m getting down to work. Wordpress is installed and I imported all the posts, I still don’t know how to import the comments, though.
I guess this is my last blog entry from FanUpdate. I just need to change the layout. The thing is, I haven’t designed the new one. I don’t even know how I want it to be. So, that might take me some extra time. Oh man, and the coding. I don’t even know if I will understand wordpress’ theme coding. But at least I have to try it. I really need to upgrade the site. FanUpdate is ok, and it was good at first for just the updates and requests, but now I need something more. I want to start blogging, and FanUpdate is way too simple, specially when it comes to comments. I want something more complete, with more functions and options. I was hesitating between Habari and Wordpress, and I was actually inclined to Habari, but since there are more tutorials and support for Wordpress, I chose that one.

I’m really hoping to finish the migration soon. I mentioned, a few months ago, that my dad and dog had surgery and that my mom needed one. Well, my mother didn’t have surgery after all. She postponed it. She’s like that. But now I’m the one who has to go through surgery. Mine is not optional, and can’t be postponed. It turns out that all the pain I’ve been having is because I have glallbladder stones. Therefore, my gallbladder needs to be extracted. I’m actually terrified. When I first found out about the surgery, I cried for the the first two weeks. I still do, not that much, but the crying still consumes a good amount of my time, lol. I’m really scared. I’ve already had three surgeries, but it doesn’t make me less scared.
I still have some weeks before the surgery. The surgeon is on vacation, he will return for the end of January, and then I’ll have to go through some tests. And I was supposed to be on a strict diet to lose weight for the surgery. But I can’t seem to be able to do it. I’m so scared and nervous, that I always find myself eating to calm down the anxiety. So, this last month I haven’t lost any weight. I’m such a failure :( I wish I could just close my mouth and stop eating candy. I’ve asked my mother to help me (for the eleventh time, approximately), but she just doesn’t get it. I don’t know what’s the deal with her. I have already had several arguments with her, because she keeps offering me caloric edibles, like pasta, bread, wine, ice-cream, vegetarian potato pie (that was the last one, and it’s really caloric), etc. She doesn’t make it easier. She keeps tempting me, and it’s hard to say no. Luckily, I haven’t gained weight, being vegetarian helps a lot on that. But I haven’t lost either. I guess, unconsciously, I’m trying to avoid losing weight, because that would mean that the date is near, and that I will have surgery soon, and maybe this way I’m denying the fact that this is going to inevitably happen.
I still have some weeks, so perhaps I can manage to lose weight in that time. My dad and my younger sister are arriving tomorrow, maybe they will help me getting back on track and start losing weight, but I’m not very sure. My father is the tempter-type, too, and my younger sister has this odd urges to cook and eat french fries at any time of the day, specially the morning. So, I see it difficult.
Anyway, how did I end up talking about all the weight loss drama? :P The point is (was) that I want to finish the migration before the surgery. Let’s see if I can achieve it.

Oh, I almost forgot: don’t freak out if, suddenly, the site looks all messed up; it’s probably because I changed the layout and something went wrong ;D

Ok, I’m off to see Big Brother (Argentina).
Chau, chau.