Special Works & Contests

Please, read:

These were made for specific persons or sites. They are NOT available. This means that you can't use them in any way.
You may not use, sell, edit, modify, redistribute, or claim you made them.

A set of emoticons I pixeled for a contest at BWU.
I was originally working on a set for kintanti when contest came up. So, I decided to pixel special emoticons for the contest, based on that set. The set with the basic expressions will be soon available.

Donations for the VbPlaza's gifts at BWU.

I pixeled this for my dad's birthday. Yeah, he's obsessed with Wile E. Coyote. Anyway, I should really re-shade it.

This is probably my favorite pixel. I made it for Poonam (for her birthday). I really like it
I had already finished it, when I discovered that the club had removed the purple and replaced it with red >_____<

For Mary and her huuuuuge son

For Maz's birthday.